Product Information

Ther Hom Natural Organic Hair Dye Soft Black is made of 100% organic ingredients.
The product is completely safe for your hair, scalp and skin. It’s residue-free and will help nourish your hair.Recommended for use by those with early-grey hair, those allergic to chemical hair dyes, those with sensitive skins, those who wants to avoid using chemicals and would prefer for natural treatments and products.

Ther Hom Natural Organic Hair Dye is convenient for use, easily rinse-off with light fine natural fragrance for its best results.


  • Our Henna* were all hand harvested – a means of environmental waste reduction – from a Henna Farm which is internationally accredited with USDA, Indian Organic ISO 9001:2005. Henna gives the hair coloring from dark brown to natural red brown tone. It is safe for hair and scalp with no allergies nor irritation while nourishing the hair for silky and shiny look.
  • Emblica* helps to accelerate hair growth, prevent preterm grey and hair fall reduction.
  • Indigo* helps nourishing hair and acts as grey hair coating and other special natural organic herbs.


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Directions for use

**Test for irritation on the inner arm and leave it for 10-15 mins, before dyeing hair. The product is made from 100% organic herbs, rare allergic reactions can occur in some people.

  1. Mix hair dye powder with lukewarm water (200 cc water with 1 sachets) in a bowl. Use 1 sachet for short hair and use 2 sachets fot long hair. Leave for 5 mins till cool down and the mix appears as a well-mixed cream.
  2. Wet clean your hair with only shampoo, soft dry your hair. (make sure hair is not too dry or too wet till soak)
  3. Divide your hair into small groups, then apply the mixture onto each of the grouped hair evenly and from roots to tip. Avoid using hair combs during this step but be sure to gradually hand-apply onto hairs for better results.
  4. Cover your hair with plastic hair cap, leave for 1 hour. First time using the hair dye we recommened to leave it for 1:30-2 hours. OR had 10 mins hair steamed/ hair dryer and leave till cool down for better results.
  5. Rinse off with water or wash your hair with a mild conditioner, recommend Ther Hom Natural Repairing Conditioner, to help close hair tentacles after dying. Color will last long.