A : Ther Hom can definitely be your choice. For the best results, please allow at least 2 weeks from the latest use of general hair-dye. Your hair will be nourished to be smooth and silky; hair scalp shall also be rejuvenated that you can feel the difference since its first-time use. Natural brown hair color shade can be expected (subject to the condition of one’s hair condition prior to use and the length of use). In case the given color from its first use is yet satisfied, a re-application of Ther Hom hair dye maybe considered, within the next 7 days from its first use.

Ther Hom Natural Organic Hair Dye is effective in grey hair coating; and which can last for approx. 3-4 weeks on each use.

A : Just some simple steps, with estimated total time of approx. an hour, hair coloring process with ‘Ther Hom Natural Organic Hair Dye’ is expected to be done AND, with no hassles in rinsing off. With its simplicity in product usage and for a better convenience, you may consider having your hair dyed in salon with our products.

Trick* 1st time using the hair dye we recommened to leave it for 1:30-2 hours. OR had 10 mins hair steamed / hair dryer and leave till cool down for better results.

A : For the best results, it’s recommended that Acid shampoo/conditioner (AHA – as one of ingredients) be avoided. Well compatibly with our Ther Hom Natural Hair Dye and for its best perfect results, Ther Hom Natural Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner may also be used.

A : Though there can be some very limited chances of allergy on natural products, as good health and safety of our customers is definitely the key, we arranged to have allergy tests conducted on all our products.

A : With Ther Hom Natural Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner, different timeline shall be for each different issues and this will be subject to one’s level of severity on each;

For hair-falls: we may expect the better results (with healthier scalp condition and less hair falls) be observed within 3-4 weeks.

The same for cases of dandruffs and hair itch: lesser dandruffs and better oil control on scalp maybe seen after approx. 3-4 weeks of regular use.

For grey-hair, it maybe upto approx.. 8 weeks of regular use that the development of grey hair been slowing down.

A : When its package was opened, please ensure the package was properly sealed, ensure no exposure to air and it’s to be used within 3 months, once mixed, is to be completely use and not to be kept for any future use.

A : All products from Ther Hom has been tested and approved by TISTA to be free from contamination; bacteria and pathogen-free. Consumers can be certain of its safety. As there can be still some low chances of allergies, it’s highly recommended that a pre-test prior to actual use of products be done.