About us – THER HOM

Our Story

Ther Hom…Natural Illumination of Beauty

100% Natural and Organic products for hair and sculp “Ther Hom” has been established with the full endeavor and dedication of Khun Som – Watcharee Suriyachan, the founder. Inspired by self who has premature graying and who is allergic to chemicals (ingredients in those many of hair dying products and those shampoos and conditioners), it has inspired that she works for the best quality products which can effectively coat grey hair and, giving still a natural shiny look, yet natural, fully safe for hair, sculp, skin and environmentally friendly.

Series of trials and experiments were done that the most effective natural ingredients for such is found to be ‘Henna’ but the application can be complicated, requiring to be mixed-up with some other ingredients and requiring to be left still for quite a long while to retain on hair. While typical usage of Henna can harshen the hair and its strong smell can last for days, this triggers that she works for even more enhanced and delicate products which provides the same great benefits – influencing for beauty from within, easy to use, shorter application time – which is then known as ‘Ther Hom’.

As the best is revealed, the wait is over! “Ther Hom” has been introduced.

Be assured of its Safety!

All our products are made of 100% natural ingredients, pesticide and residue free as they’re taken from one of the best organic farms who has passed the USDA and where been ISO 9001:2005 certified. Bringing into its mixtures with many long-known quality natural Thai herbs, organically farmed which has been PGS certified; manufactured by a facility, under Asean GMP which has been tested and approved to be free from contamination of bacteria or Pathogen from TISTA; Non-animal testing and; all are well packed in the environmental-friendly packages.

Our Ethnic

Cruelty Free – Non-Animal Testing

All our products are non-animal tested. It is always our beliefs that all products to bring for good-health and beauty are not to be traded-off with lives of animals. Animals are our living-creature friends who lives compassionately with us in this world.

Environmental & Sustainability

Ther Hom is determined to be supporting Thai Herbs conservation – the planting of such which is a part of the sustainable local community growth and development. Thai Herbs, used as our ingredients, are intendedly to be locally sourced from agriculturists, those planting the organic farms, being a reciprocal funding for the prolonged and fruitful herbal planting ecosystem.

Environment is our another core of concern.

From product designs, raw materials sourcing, its manufacturing processes, packaging, mode of distribution and lastly until the disposal, all have been well designed considering the least waste and disposal. Manufacturing process was conducted at the facility with best energy-saving to ensure the lowest carbon release, being a part of our Environmental sustainability campaign.