Ther Hom Natural Organic Hair Dye Color – THER HOM

A CHANGE of hair coloring experience

FEEL GREAT as it is gentle and mild for hair and scalp. Florally scented with those herbs as mixtures for producing great quality hair results. Can be used as frequent as wish to build and will definitely bring for the natural shiny and healthy hair look at all time.

Rejuvenate and Nourish your Hair

The difference is felt upon its first use. Dry and Fizzy hair can be treated, at your finger tip, to bring for great shiny and silky hair. Intense level of natural herbs bring a cooling treat on hair. Floral scents from all nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients which *Certified Organic Ingredients such as

  • Our Henna* were all hand harvested – a means of environmental waste reduction – from a Henna Farm which is internationally accredited with USDA, Indian Organic, ISO 9001:2005. Henna gives the hair coloring from dark brown to natural red brown tone. It is safe for hair and scalp with no allergies nor irritation while nourishing the hair for silky and shiny look.
  • Emblica* helps to accelerate hair growth, prevent preterm grey and hair fall reduction
  • Indigo* helps nourishing hair and acts as grey hair coating and other special natural organic herbs.

(*Certified Organic Ingerdients by USDA)